• Robo Race competition at "Robolution-2017" organized by Military Institute of Science &

Technology (MIST)

• Battle of Bots competition in "Robolution-2017" organized by MIST

• RoboFight competition at BUET

• Line Follower Robot Challenge competition at "Technovanza-2016" organized by NSU

• RoboMania V3.0: RoboRace competition in "Essonance 2016" organized by IUT

• Robo Race competition in "Robolution 2016" organized by MIST



  • Game of Trusses and Perspective Design competition in “Cennovation-2018” organized by Islamic University of Technology (IUT)

  • Truss bridge competition in "Civil Fest-2017", organized by North South University (NSU)

  • Brain Teaser, CECON, Mechanics Maestro, Creative Canvas Competition in "Civil Engineering

  • Summit" organized by CESA, Bangladesh University of Engineering and technology in 2016

  • Bridge Design Contest in Civil Engineering Fest-2016 organized by MIST

  • AutoCad contest in Cennovation-2015, IUT


  • Executive member of BUET Robotics Club

  • Member of Team Interplanetar, mars rover design team of BUET

  • Organized the first ever Earthquake Competition in Bangladesh

  • Member of BUET Photographic Society

  • Member of Environment Watch :BUET