Integration of Salinity Measurement with Multiflexmeter

This project is collaborative effort of Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM), BUET and The Water Management Knowledge and Innovation Programme (WMKIP). The main focus of this project is to include measurement of salinity to the Multiflexmeter (MFM). The current MFM is a low-cost modular device which continuously measures water levels through an ultrasonic sensor with a specific interval (1 or 2 hours) in a tidal water system in a network inside (khals) and outside (perennial river) the polder and sends these to a server for live monitoring. In polder region, salinity measurement is of great importance for management of polders and policy making. So, addition of salinity probe to the MFM will help to monitor the salinity level of water bodies in real time. A 555 timer is used to generate square wave and an euro plug is used as electrode. When the output of the 555 timer is HIGH, a capacitor will charge through the salt solution between the electrodes. When the output is LOW, it will discharge in opposite direction. The frequency of the output square wave depends on the resistance value between the electrodes. From this frequency, electrical conductivity and chlorine concentration is measured. A DS18B20 (temperature) sensor is connected along with the EC probe for temperature compensation.

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