Hi, I'm Farhan.

I am currently working as a lecturer at the Department of Environmental, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering of Military Institute of Science and Technology. My passion drives me to work in the junction of environmental engineering, robotics, remote sensing and data science. I plan on deploying low-cost wireless sensor networks on a large scale which will allow us a consistent and precise monitorization of the environment. Concurrently, I’m working diligently to invent sustainable technologies to prevent environmental pollution with higher efficiency and lower costs.

About Me

To expand my contribution in environmental sector, I am preparing myself by acquiring knowledge and experience in different sectors. My undergraduate thesis was inspired by Zero-discharge-liquid concept leading me to design a biological reactor to treat industrial wastewater. My master’s thesis deals with estimating surface PM2.5 concentration using remote sensing, data analysis and machine learning.

Moreover, I have worked as a research assistant in two projects. In one project, I have carried out sample collection, testing and environmental baseline study for an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of a high-rise building. The other project is about the development of a remediation plan for an urban contaminated site from tannery industry pollution. Literature review, site characterization and remediation options explorations were my primary responsibilities.

After joining as a lecturer, I had involved myself in several research and industrial projects. I have carried out an ESIA of a road project. Currently, I am working on a major river reclamation project. These endeavours helped me to attain the experience of working in large multidisciplinary teams, adding up to my career and personal growth.

Along with my teaching profession, I am also an entrepreneur. My start-up is working on developing real-time monitoring systems for the environment. As of now, we are developing an online ETP monitoring system for the DoE. We are also collaborating with the Water Management Knowledge and Innovation Programme, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to develop a low-cost salinity sensor for a environmental monitoring device.

Apart from my academic career, another field which I am really fond of is sports. From my school to college life, I participated in different sport events. Even during my undergraduate studies I was member of football team, hockey team and volleyball team. All through my sport career, I have led several teams which not only gave me joy but it also helped me to improve my leadership skills. I implemented this acquired skill while organizing competitions in my university as well as attending in different civil and robotics competitions. Even now it is incredible support for me to run my start-up company.

Get in touch at farhanskhan@gmail.com

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