Online ETP Monitoring System

One of the major reasons for surface water pollution is indiscriminate disposal of untreated and partially treated disposal of industrial effluent. Industries need to make sure that their ETP is running efficiently and effluent quality is conforming to ECR 1997. But most of the ETPs’ do not have the equipment, laboratory and expertise for measuring water quality parameters. They need to send samples to laboratories from time to time, which is costly and time consuming. Because of not having continuous data of the quality of effluent on site, engineers are usually unable to identify the reasons for ETP malfunction, therefore, fail to take adequate measures quickly. Moreover, they cannot optimize the units of operation including chemical dosing and retention time which hamper cost effectiveness. Sometimes, inability to maintain required effluent quality leads to strict punitive measures by the DoE. Besides, it becomes difficult for the authority to monitor all the industries as there is no continuous monitoring system. Not to mention, manual investigation is not enough to force all industries to maintain effluent quality.

As a solution to the above mentioned problem, online ETP monitoring system is being developed. This project is jointly funded by ILAB-Bangladesh and Department of Environment under "Environment Challenge Fund" initiative. This solution comprises of an online effluent quality monitoring device - Efflusense, a server and a dashboard. Efflusense is capable of measuring the required parameters such as Ph, temperature, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, total organic carbon, chemical oxygen demand (COD), Ammonium-N, Oil in water. All the sensors are industrial grade. It is possible to install sensors 100 meter away from the main controller. Efflusense is equipped with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE for telemetry. It measures the effluent quality and sends the collected data to the server. The Department of Environment will host the server where all the data will be delivered and recorded under a Specific Industry Code (SIC) as part of the reporting activity of the respective industry. Any kind of intervention and abnormality in the performance of ETP of any industry can be communicated immediately to the respected industry. An alarm along with a notification will be sent through the system in case any of the monitored parameters exceed the acceptable limit set in the ECR ’97 for disposal of treated industrial effluent. A custom dashboard has been developed to monitor these data. The dashboard was designed from the perspective of an environmental engineer for ensuring easy and efficient monitoring. Both DoE and the representative from the industry will be able to monitor the ETP using this dashboard.

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