Estimation of PM2.5 Concentrations Using Aerosol Optical Depth Derived from Satellite Remote Sensing

Many researchers have observed that Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) has a positive relationship with the PM2.5 measured on the surface. Studies carried out in different countries showed good correlations between satellite-derived AOD and PM2.5 concentration. Nevertheless, the exact nature and intensity of relationships between PM2.5 and AOD are usually region-specific and vary across various geographic locations. As the chemical components and the optical properties of aerosol are spatially and temporally inhomogeneous, the association models are limited to local applications only. So, it is necessary to investigate this relationship for Bangladesh to retrieve the concentration of particulate matter from satellite AOD data. This study is kind of the first initiative to investigate and develop such a relationship for Bangladesh.

Study on Pollution Remediation of Dhaka Hazaribagh Tannery Area

The tannery industries in Hazaribagh used to be located (before the relocation of the majority of industries to the Tannery Industrial Estate in Savar in recent years) in the middle of residential areas in Hazaribagh. About 186 tannery industries of various sizes used to be located in a congested area of only about 70 acres. Due to lack of proper effluent treatment and waste disposal system, the tannery area and its surroundings have become highly contaminated with organic pollutants and heavy compounds. As the soil and water bodies in the Hazaribagh area have received industrial discharges for many years, the rehabilitation of the area, after the relocation of tannery industries, needs proper attention. Remediation of the contaminated site is necessary in order to prepare the site for new exploitation and to protect human health and well-being. So, this study was carried out to assess the nature and level of pollution at the Hazaribagh tannery area, and to find out specific pollution remediation techniques for different types of pollution within the Hazaribagh area.

Performance Evaluation of Lab Scale Hybrid Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (HUASB) Reactor in Treating Textile Wastewater

In this study, performance of a lab-scale hybrid up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (HUASB) reactor treating textile wastewater was evaluated under several operating conditions. 84%, 93%, and 97% of initial COD, BOD and color was removed with a retention time of 4 hours. This performance of the reactor was achieved when Pseudomonas was the dominant microorganism in the system. Another observation was that the removal efficiency decreases with sludge accumulation. Optimum sludge removal frequency was determined for the test setup. With proper bacterial growth and maintenance, the HUASB reactor can be a huge upgrade from conventional UASB and a suitable alternative to conventional processes for the treatment of textile wastewater.

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